social & family life support | education | values formation | endowment

project: brave kids has four core programs (S.E.V.E.) to deliver on advocacy:

  • Social & Family Life Support
  • Education
  • Values Formation
  • Endowment

Social And Family Life Support: Once diagnosed with cancer, a child suffers both physical pain and limited interaction due to his immuno-compromised state.  Sadly, the rest of the family must also bear some financial, emotional and even spiritual strain. Their social life is also altered.

project: brave kids’ Social and Family Life Support Program shall provide activities aimed at helping patients and their families adjust to new conditions, towards restoring some normalcy in their family life.

This program aims to minimize the psychological and social effects of childhood cancer through the following activities:

  • Music and Art Therapy
  • Story Reading and Story Telling Sessions
  • Family outings
  • Couple Talks

All of these support groups are free of charge to participants and are offered on either a drop-in or registration basis.

Education: Childhood cancer has been around for ages.  In the Philippines, there have been several efforts to educate the public on this affliction; unfortunately, awareness and understanding of childhood cancer remains low.  Consequently, many such cases are detected late; worse, their families have limited access to pertinent information regarding the disease.

project: brave kids’ Education Program aims to educate parents on treatment management and on preventing infection, which is the greatest barrier to total cure of childhood cancer. It also hopes to raise a greater understanding among the general public regarding childhood cancer.

Towards this end, a monthly newsletter called BraveTales will be made available to affected families, and Caregiver courses will also be offered regularly.

Values Formation

This program consists of couple talks and sessions with value formators aimed at empowering the child and the families they belong to, to use their unique experience as an opportunity to further enhance or solidify basic values.

Endowment Program One of the biggest challenges faced by families is financing the cost of treatment. project: brave kids aims to extend assistance to help defray the medical expenses of patients.

Donations to project: brave kids go directly to the hospital’s Billing Department, to ensure that proceeds are appropriated for medical expenses and treatment, and not for other needs.