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Cancer chooses no one and sometimes, it afflicts even the most innocent among us: our children. Once diagnosed with the dreaded disease, children are thrown into a totally different world, one even adults fear.  It is a world wherein the struggle for life is felt daily, where every little step can be crucial.

One of these children is Seve Augusto Sabarre Perez.  In September 2005 – one month after turning 3 years old – Seve was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

Today, Seve has to undergo one of the most difficult medical treatments, chemotherapy.  He has been meeting his doctors more than his teachers, visiting hospitals and laboratories more than parks and playgrounds, and sometimes sleeping on hospital beds instead of his own.

Despite these trials, Seve has remained cheerful and playful, very active and inquisitive like any boy his age.  He has shown tremendous courage facing his affliction.

However touching Seve’s story may be, it is not unique.  He is just one of thousands who suffer from childhood cancer in the Philippines. And like Seve, these children are forced to battle their cancer each and every day. This battle sometimes takes years, and is always a very costly one – making it doubly hard for the child and their families.

The courageous spirit of Seve and over a thousand other children who gamely battle cancer have inspired Seve’s parents, Paul and Sigrid Perez, to establish project: brave kids.

Our Parents:

Paul works as a Business Director for 141 Worldwide, a global communications agency. Sigrid, a professionally trained preschool educator with masters units in early childhood development, is currently a full time homemaker due to Seve’s condition.

Last November 2005, Seve underwent an intrathecal procedure at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. It was here where both Paul and Sigrid saw for themselves the plight of charity cancer patients.  Then and there, they agreed to take concrete action and make a difference in the lives of these children.

The couple’s invitation for commitment to this cause was met with much zeal and eagerness. Their own families, Seve’s godparents, the couple’s friends and colleagues not only supplied support and resources, but also extended the call for help to their own circle of friends and associates. Thanks to the overwhelming response, project: brave kids has now become a formal volunteer group.